Living Intentionally is the process of making positive deliberate decisions that affect your life's present and future.

Coaching Coach

Life Coaching 1 on 1 (3 Months)


Helps you sort information and helps you find answers for yourself. Living Intentionally Coaching facilitates your decisions and shadows your thought process to aid you in providing the best outcome for your life.

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Consulting Coach

Business Consulting 1 on 1 (3 Months)


Project based, long or short-term working relationship. Is an expert in a specific industry and or task. Discover your full potential by embracing your gifts, talents and capabilities with Living Intentionally Consulting. Living Intentionally Consulting provides the tools, resources and expertise for personal and business branding.


Marsha McCray is a speaker that motivates and encourages the audience using my expertise as a Life Coach and experience with helping others become unstuck. I teach realistic points for the attendee to depart with, as well as the inspiration and encouragement to execute their goals with confidence and intention.

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