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Life Coach, Consultant and Author Marsha McCray, is dedicated towards your personal journey of self-discovery. I provide scheduled sessions as we unpack, unravel and unleash what has held you back from destiny. Together we will develop a realistic and effective strategy for your short and long-term goals.

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As a coach, consultant, author and speaker I am qualified to counsel you on the what concerns you. My specialty is taking you from the couch towards your purpose. Become unstuck, be held accountable and experience goal accomplishments with Living Intentionally Coaching & Consulting. I've helped many discover purpose, developed businesses, established personal brands and been the wise counsel when the decisions to be made are too difficult to decide independently. The new you starts with a decision to go forward, to invest in yourself and to live with intention.

Sometimes you have to step away from the mirror to get a true reflection of who you are.  Sometimes you have to buckle down and get serious about your life, your goals, your dreams and stop taking selfies of your life.  What do I mean by all of this?  When we're in the mirror, we only see what we want to see, whether that's good or bad.  When we take selfies, we do retakes, take them from various angles, discard the ones that are not perfect and only keep or post the ones that are picture-perfect.  This is what many of us are doing with our lives and we have to stop it.  It's not helping us mentally, physically, financially, socially, or spiritually.  You may even realize you're doing this but you do not know the next steps and are too embarrassed to admit that you may need help.  Or worse, you may need help and not even know it.This is where Marsha steps in and can help you.  You need someone to provide you with an objective assessment, someone who can hold you accountable, and someone who sees the great and greater in you when you can't.  Stop struggling. You don't have to.  The more you allow yourself to struggle, the deeper you will sink.Even Oprah has a life coach.  Oprah.  This is because she realized she needed help and wanted to remain at the top of her personal and professional game.  Life is not easy and you are not alone, unless you choose to be.  I had some of those same mindsets and traits in my personal and professional life.  I often felt overwhelmed, not focused, unhappy, unfulfilled, and confused - until I met Marsha.  I appeared to have it all - the Family, the degrees and perfect career, the houses.  From the outside, I appeared to be a rising tide, but on the inside, I felt like a sinking ship.She helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses, gave me dang homework, provided me with much-needed structure and strategy, and cheered me on by helping me to redirect some of my passions to a professional pursuit.  She did all of this while never making me feel like I was crazy for having some  aspirations that puzzled many, including family members.  My journey with Marsha started approximately 4 years ago and continues today.  Four years ago, you could not have told me that I would be where I am today, and much of that is due to Marsha's coaching.  My personal and spiritual relationships have grown, my professional development has been growing ever since, leading to opportunities I could have never imagined, and are continuing to this day, having recently landed not 1 but 2 simultaneous promotions at work that I didn't see coming! Today, I appear to have it all, and for the most part, I do.  But, I have also gained a trusted mentor, spiritual adviser, and forever friend.Now, you will still have to act - she can't do everything for you - but she can certainly serve as a guide to help you navigate your journey.  Her business acumen and experience will help you map out a path for your professional goals, and her strong sensitivity and spirituality will help you with your professional goals.  You don't have to go it alone. Feeling lost, confused, helpless, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, like you're falling short, like you are holding all together (or not) at the seams, which are about to burst? It's time you got a coach.You've been through too much to live an unfulfilled and unfocused life! You were meant for more but you just don't know  how to get there, or you don't think it's even possible for you.  How do I know? That was ME. However, there is more.  There is Marsha Malone McCray.She's not your average coach and you're no average client.  Reach out to her.  It's time. 

D. Peters, ESQ

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